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Providing Everything You Need For The Perfect Event! 

Occasional Cake Pops


Use our large Dining Room as the location to make your favorite person's special day even better, with options for décor, customized table counts, and more! 

Company Dinners 

With a capacity for over 75 people, our venue makes a welcoming dinner location, with areas for entertainment, and plenty of food for your hard working employees. What better way to show appreciation than with a lovely meal overlooking our beloved course? 

Key Lime Pie
Flower Arrangements


A special and memorable day requires a memorable venue. With an astounding view, and plenty of potential for decorations, no matter the aesthetic, Falconhead's Hall is sure to please. 

Let us make one of your most important days even better. 

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111Falconhead Drive, Burneyville, OK, 73430


115 Falconhead Drive, Burneyville, OK, 73430 (Pro Shop) 

111 Falconhead Drive, Burneyville, OK, 73430 (Restaurant Hotel, and Lounge) 

113 Falconhead Drive, Burneyville, OK, 73430 (Admin Office) 

(580)-276-9284 (Pro Shop)

(580)-276-7970 (Lodge and Reservations)

(580)-276-9029 (Restaurant)

(580)-276-3341 (Admin Office)

If you have any other questions, feel free to open a chat, and a Customer Service Representative will be with you as soon as possible!