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Coronavirus Update 3/30/2020:

A quick message from Herb concerning the ever changing COVID-19 outbreak. Please read:

Confirmed COVID-19 in Love County

To: Members and Guest

From: Herb Collier, Interim General Manager

Date: Tuesday March 30th, 2020

As I am sure you have heard there has been a confirmed Coronavirus case in Love County. We had an earlier action plan however due to the Governors Executive Order on March 25 we have modified our plan to include his latest “essential business” as it affects us here at FPOA. I would request members and guest be patient and understanding while we work to implement his orders and still serve our members.

Effective immediately the following WILL be implemented:

The restaurant will only be curbside pickup, delivery is available by a group and we may be able to assist you in getting in contact with them, if needed. *The Restaurant will be selling beer with food orders, as part of the curbside service. *The ProShop will be open for limited access, we request no loitering in the common area.

The layout will be changed to better meet the group size and have additional space for customers. Please conduct your business and allow someone do theirs. The gate will remain staffed and operational with social distancing in effect for our employee’s safety. The maintenance department will remain functional, face to face contact will be discouraged. *The motel will remain operational and open. The bar will remain closed. *The golf course will remain open and will also discourage face to face while they continue work on the water and greens. Cups have been turned upside down to prevent the ball from going to the bottom, please do not remove the flag this will minimize exposure to members and guest. Please do NOT congregate in groups of 10 or more to comply with the crowd limits now in effect. Cart rental will be one person/one cart will be in effect, exception for husband/wife, father/son, mother daughter or other family members. The office will remain open however closed for walk ins, we recommend conducting any business by phone. If you are paying dues by credit card please call and pay over the phone.

* indicates this is due to the most resent Executive Order of the Governor, calling the golf Course an “Essential Business”.

This is no shock by any means, we had a plan in place for over a week knowing that once more testing was available to the southern part of the state there would be some. The monkey wrench came when the Governor listed pretty much everything here as “essential”. Employees will have letters to carry in case a member of law enforcement inquiries why they are not following the “stay at home” order. We will do our best to function within the restrictions set forth by Governor Stitt and protect our people as best as we can. Please bear with us as we work to make these changes and get used to the new “norm”. We will get through this and be stronger once this has passed and ran its course, for those that are at risk, please take ALL precautions to protect yourself.

I again would request that you keep everyone that has been impacted in your Prayers for a rapid recovery from this virus.

God Bless

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