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 Welcome To Falconhead 

About Us

Falconhead Resort is a lovely secluded getaway nestled in the countryside of southern Oklahoma. Established in 1971, Falconhead has retained its charm as a tranquil retreat. Offering various amenities and welcoming environment, Falconhead is truly the place to be. 



May 27th 

Pool Grand Opening 

Come on down to the Falconhead pool to celebrate the beginning of the season! We will have hot dogs, snacks, and of course, lots of fun! 

Every Wednesday 

Turner's Lounge Pool Tournament

Every Wednesday at 7 pm, visit Turner's Lounge to try your hand at winning our weekly tournament! 

Say "Hello" to golf season! 

Schedule a Tee Time today! 

With the warm and sunny weather already here, kick off the summer season with some golf, and book a Tee Time through our Pro Shop! Click below for more info. 

Connect With Us 

We'd love to get in touch! 

580-276-9284 (Pro Shop)

580-276-7970 (Lodge) 

580-276-9029 (Restaurant) 

580-276-3341 (Office) 

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Find us on Facebook, 

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115 Falconhead Drive, Burneyville, OK, 73430 (Pro Shop) 

111 Falconhead Drive, Burneyville, OK, 73430 (Restaurant Hotel, and Lounge) 

113 Falconhead Drive, Burneyville, OK, 73430 (Admin Office) 

(580)-276-9284 (Pro Shop)

(580)-276-7970 (Lodge and Reservations)

(580)-276-9029 (Restaurant)

(580)-276-3341 (Admin Office)

If you have any other questions, feel free to open a chat, and a Customer Service Representative will be with you as soon as possible! 

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